About Us

francis•gibbs•photography comprises partners - Jane Francis and Carolyn Gibbs - trained portrait photographers who spent several years under the tutorship of ex-BBC stills photographer, Joan Williams. In recent years we have been providing portraiture and events photography to private and corporate clients and now wish to offer these services to you.

We believe in the power of two. Our partnership, allows you the benefits of two photographers at no extra cost. This enables us to work separately - simultaneously covering different aspects of your occasion - or together - where one of us will act as an assistant - ensuring the subjects are relaxed, engaged and correctly positioned in front of the camera; this is often the most challenging task when working with children.

We like to think of ourselves as innovative while, at the same time, pride ourselves on the quality and attention to detail that our customers demand.

Our partnership also means you get two sets of creative ideas, a reduced set-up time and contingency should anything befall one of us on the day of your shoot. We are obviously used to working together and have developed a signature style, as you can see from our gallery, so your images - no matter which of us takes them - will form a cohesive collection.

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